Learn all the tricks to make an imitation of stone.

The reproduction of masonry stone is a very demanded work nowadays, both for facade cladding and interior decoration.

This course is suitable for all levels, whether you are starting from scratch in the world of theming or for professionals in the sector. It is the most recomended course for you to get started in this sector and you can get a solid foundation in the world of theming.

In this course you will learn the whole process. From preparing the mortar blend and applying it correctly, to make a realistic drawing of the stone, carving it, giving it a natural look and finally, prepare and apply the paint to give it the final look.

Stone course – Lesson 1 – Presentation Stone course – Lesson 2 – Presentation of materials Stone course – Lesson 3 – Quantities for reproduction Stone Course – Lesson 4 – Material preparation before application Stone course – Lesson 5 – Mortar and mesh application Stone Course – Lesson 6 – Mortar Application Stone course – Lesson 7 – Marking the drawing Stone Course – Lesson 8 – Shaping and throwing of mineral sands Stone Course – Lesson 9 – Grout Marking Stone Course – Lesson 10 – Grout Pouring Stone Course – Lesson 11 – Stone Carving 1 Stone Course – Lesson 12 – Stone Cutting 2 Stone course – Lesson 13 – Preparation of paints Stone course – Lesson 14 – Stone painting Stone course – Lesson 15 – Grouting Stone course – Lesson 16 – Scraping of the grouting Stone course – Lesson 17 – Finishing touches Stone course – Lesson 18 – Conclusion